Daily health data such as weight, BMI, blood pressure, physical condition and health check results can be recorded as "body diary", and future health prediction can be performed based on body diary.

Step1. Create a KARADA diary ➡︎

Record daily health data at first. Let's make your present body visible

Step2. Create a body chart ➡︎

Create a body chart with health check results (mainly blood test results) and answers about lifestyle habits

Step3. Check future health

Are you healthy from now on? AI predicts your future health based on 1.5 million big data.

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iPhone and Android App is also available.


Health management starts from the creation of body diary.


Record daily health data such as weight and blood pressure in the body diary

Visualize your health

The data of the body diary can be checked with graphs so that daily changes can be easily understood


It is possible to save as a memo such data can not be recorded only by numbers.

Karada chart

Record medical checkup records and check prediction of disease outbreaks by using AI

Forecasting the occurrence of 10 diseases

AI predicts probability of occurrence within 4 years of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, dementia, liver cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer.

Health age, survival rate

You can check health age, survival rate within 10 years, health advice based on the information of body chart

App Image

Body diary, body medical chart


Recording body diary is free. There is a charge for creating an AI forecast body chart.

Per disease prediction by AI

Prediction of occurrence of 10 diseases by AI, health age, advice on health



Generally speaking, icons are simple. "KARADAMIRAI" challenges the health of the future. I raised a challenging visual for the design as well. From the image of the "body", I came up with an idea of the soul container "Utsuwa"as a base, and as it "paints" the future, visual-like painting was born. I hope "KARADAMIRAI" which tells the future of the body will be an opportunity for you to raise your health awareness from now on.


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Corporate and group use

It is also possible to introduce it at companies and groups. As there are batch data input in Web system and printout function of report, there is introduction plan as welfare benefits of company. Please contact us for details.



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