What is AI Prediction

By answering blood test results and lifestyle questions, we predict the probability of disease occurring within four years.

Risk prediction results are displayed as percentages rather than vague forecasts such as ABCD.

Let’s start taking concrete actions such as improving lifestyle habits, motivating additional examinations, and putting in insurance by confirming this result.



As with DNA testing, there is no need to send by mail.

If you have health check results, you can see the results immediately by entering the required items.

Cover many diseases

In addition to cancer which is said to be lifestyle-related disease, we predict ten diseases including prediction of stroke and dementia.

Colorectal cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, heart disease, dementia, stroke, diabetes, dementia, breast cancer

Multilateral analysis​

Not only risks, but also health age, survival probability prediction within 10 years, comparison with health group, health advice can be checked.

Advice to act on risks

Life style

Give you an advice to improve your health check level if the result is not desirable.

ANALYSIS of major causes

Analyze top 10 causes which led undesirable result and show your future result if the level was improved to suggested level.

Additional health check-up items

Suggest you additional health check-up items if the disease outbreak probability is high.

Excellent forecast accuracy up to 93%

Partner with medical institutions and accumulate big data of medical checkup. Excellent prediction accuracy is confirmed based on huge data and AI technology.